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Name Code Type
Anthropology ANT Subject
Anthropology of the Middle East ANT2021_3021 Module
Arabic and Islamic Studies ARABIC Subject
Archaeology ARCHAEOLOGY Subject
Art History and Visual Culture ARTHISTORYANDVISUALCULTURE Subject
Biology BIOLOGY Subject
Business BUSINESS Subject
Cambourne School of Mines CAMSCHOOLOFMINES Subject
Classics CLASSICS Subject
Computer Science COMPSCI Subject
Domestic and International Portfolio Management BEAM036 Module
Drama DRAMA Subject
Education EDUCATION Subject
Engineering ENGINEERING Subject
English ENGLISH Subject
Ethics and Organisations BEM3009 Module
Future and Options BEE3032 Module
Geography GEOGRAPHY Subject
Grand Challenges GRANDCHALLENGES Subject
History HISTORY Subject
Innovation and Knowledge in the Wilds MBAM931_MBAM931A Module
Law LAWDEPT Subject
Leading in the 4th Industrial Revolution MBAM938 Module
Liberal Arts LIB Subject
Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe HIH1542 Module
Mathematics MATHS Subject
Medical Imaging MEDICALIMAGING Subject
Medicine MEDICINE Subject
Modern Languages MODERNLANGUAGES Subject
Natural Sciences NATURALSCIENCES Subject
People's History I HIC1600 Module
Philosophy PHILOSOPHY Subject
Physics PHYSICS Subject
Politics POLITICS Subject
Postgraduate Development Module BSDM100 Module
Principles of International Taxation BEAM051 Module
Psychology PSYCHOLOGY Subject
Race and Immigration in Britain Since World War II HIH1008 Module
Sociology SOCIOLOGY Subject
Sport and Health Sciences SSHS Subject
Strategy and Security STRATEGY Subject
Summer School ISS Subject
Sustainable Finance MBAM934_MBAM934A Module
The Politics of Democracy in Latin America POL3220 Module
Theology THEOLOGY Subject

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