2. PSYC504 Presentation - Reading List 18 items
    1. QUESTION: To what extent does implicit priming alter behaviour? 

      • Your answer should consider replication attempts as well as original findings

      • Focus on behavioural outcomes that go beyond those exhibited on implicit memory tests

    2. Readings suggested by Jackie 4 items
      1. 'Behavioral Priming: It's All in the Mind, but Whose Mind?' [in] PLoS ONE - Stéphane Doyen, Olivier Klein, Cora-Lise Pichon, Axel Cleeremans 2012-1-18


    3. Other Articles 13 items
      1. 'Sequential Priming Measures of Implicit Social Cognition' [in] Personality and Social Psychology Review - C. Daryl Cameron, Jazmin L. Brown-Iannuzzi, B. Keith Payne 11/2012

        Article  Metanalysis - This looks as if it could be really useful.

      2. 'Implicitly Priming the Social Brain: Failure to Find Neural Effects' [in] PLoS ONE - Katherine E. Powers, Todd F. Heatherton 2013-2-20

        Article  Argument against priming?

      3. 'The temporal dynamics of visual object priming' [in] Brain and Cognition - Philip C. Ko, Bryant Duda, Erin P. Hussey, Emily J. Mason 11/2014


      4. 'Women's Greater Ability to Perceive Happy Facial Emotion Automatically: Gender Differences in Affective Priming' [in] PLoS ONE - Uta-Susan Donges, Anette Kersting, Thomas Suslow 2012-7-23

        Article  A replication/extension of Winkielman study?

      5. 'Effects of Unconscious Processing on Implicit Memory for Fearful Faces' [in] PLoS ONE - Jiongjiong Yang, Xiaohong Xu, Xiaoya Du, Cuntong Shi 2011-2-1

        Article  Another replication of Winkielman study

      6. 'Affective Priming Using Facial Expressions Modulates Liking for Abstract Art' [in] PLoS ONE - Albert Flexas, Jaume Rosselló, Julia F. Christensen, Marcos Nadal 19/11/2013

        Article  Another replication of Winkielman study

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