1. LibGuides: online library support and resources for your subject 1 item
  2. Core Textbook 2 items
    1. Contract law - Ewan McKendrick 2017

      Book  – this will provide you with a general overview of the topic as we go along. It will also consolidate the material provided in the lectures.

    2. Contract law: text, cases, and materials - Ewan McKendrick 2018

      Book  This book will provide you with the necessary content in order to answer the seminar questions (and later the exam questions).

  3. Statutes 1 item
    We recommend that you purchase a statute book (that you will be allowed to take into the exam with you):
    1. Core Statutes on Contract, Tort & Restitution 2017/18 - Graham Stephenson

      Book Suggested for student purchase not in library stock

  4. Other Textbooks 4 items
    Although we have specifically recommended the textbooks above you may find that you prefer a different textbook:
    1. The law of contract - Edwin Peel, Guenter H. Treitel 2015


    2. Textbook on contract law - Jill Poole 2016


    3. Contract law - Mindy Chen-Wishart 2018


  5. Further Reading 6 items
    If you develop an interest in the subject, then you may wish to read around. Indeed, we would encourage you to do so. We will recommend additional reading for every seminar but here are some general texts that are definitely and interesting read:
    1. The rise and fall of freedom of contract - P. S. Atiyah 1979 (electronic resource)


    2. Contract law - Mindy Chen-Wishart 2018


    3. Textbook on contract law - Jill Poole 2016


    4. The modern law of contract - Richard Stone, James Devenney 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book  12th edition

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