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  2. Resource List 62 items
    1. Week one: Food, Agriculture, the Market and the State in Historical Perspective: 6 items
      1. Bread, politics and political economy in the reign of Louis XV - Steven L. Kaplan 2015

        Book  Especially Introduction, pp. xix-xxxiv.

    2. Week two: Famine and Food Poverty 7 items
      1. The new famines: why famines persist in an era of globalization - Stephen Devereux 2007

        Book  Read Chapter 4 - 'Sen’s entitlement approach: Critiques and counter-critiques'

    3. Week three: Food Security from the Global South to the Global North 4 items
      1. Reclaiming food security - Michael S. Carolan 2013 (electronic resource)

        Book  Read Chapter 1 - 'Food Security: A brief history'

      2. Food security - Bryan McDonald 2010 (electronic resource)

        Book  Read - 'Introduction: Twenty-first Century Challenges to Food Security', pp.1-11

      3. Food security governance: empowering communities, regulating corporations - Nora McKeon 2015

        Book  Read Chapter 5 - 'Local-Global: Building food governance from the bottom up', pp.112-155

    4. Week four: Trade and Globalization in Agriculture and Food 9 items
      1. or, view:

      2. See also the film: Seeds of 'Change', available at:

    5. Week five: Food Sovereignty 5 items
      1. Food sovereignty, agroecology and biocultural diversity: constructing and contesting knowledge 2018

        Book  Read - 'Constructing knowledge for food sovereignty, agroecology and biocultural diversity: An overview', pp.1-56

      2. Globalization and food sovereignty: global and local change in the new politics of food 2014

        Book  Read - 'Citizen-Farmers: The Possibilities and the Limits of Australia’s Emerging Alternative Food Networks', pp.141-172

    6. Week six: Ethical Consumption: from alternative norms to certification schemes 6 items
    7. Week seven: Short Food Chains 6 items
      1. Civic agriculture: reconnecting farm, food, and community - Thomas A. Lyson 2004 (electronic resource)

        Book  Read - 'Civic Agriculture and Community Agriculture Development', pp.84-98

      2. Ethical consumption: a critical introduction - Tania Lewis, Emily Potter 2011

        Book  Read - 'Placing alternative consumption: commodity fetishism in Borough Fine Foods Market, London', pp.87-102

    8. Week eight: Slow Food and Transition Towns 7 items
    9. Week nine: Food, Heritage and the Cultural Economy 6 items
      1. The handbook of food and anthropology 2016

        Book  Read - 'Artisanal Foods and the Cultural Economy: Perspectives on Craft, Heritage, Authenticity and Reconnection', pp.120-143

    10. Week ten: Food, Brexit and the end (?) of Neoliberalism 6 items
      1. A Food BREXIT: Time to get real - Tim Lang, Erik Millstone, Terry Marsden 2017


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